Proven load carriers


Our pallets keep your goods on the move. To ensure this, we produce 50,000 wooden load carriers every day according to strict standards and in different designs. 

Market leader

Customised pallets

As the European market leader for Euro pallets with EPAL and UIC licences, we know that not all pallets are the same. That’s because retail, industry or chemical companies have the most diverse requirements. Our portfolio therefore includes over 80 different types of pallet – ranging from the Euro pallet to chemical and industrial pallets, as well as special pallets, which we produce according to our customers’ requirements.

Security of supply

Integrated and self-sufficient production

Thanks to our integrated and largely self-sufficient production in Torgau, our customers also benefit from an extremely high delivery capability: long-term supply relationships with forest owners in the region ensure our supply of wood. From the board and the pallet blocks to the certified special nails and the heat for drying, we manufacture all the necessary components for the pallets ourselves – and assemble them on site into high-quality load carriers.

We produce 50,000 pallets a day and have large storage facilities. Our warehouses can also be used as consignment warehouses.

Something you don't have to worry about:

all our pallets meet the requirements of ISPM 15 and are therefore also approved for export to non-EU countries.


High quality

We are happy to share our many years of expertise in the field of wooden load carriers with our customers. This is because the weight and dimensions of the goods, their shipment by sea, land or air freight and other aspects play an important role in the choice of the load carrier. This is something you don’t have to worry about: all of our pallets are dried in  two channel dryers as well as eight other drying chambers, and treated in accordance with IPPC guidelines. They meet the requirements of ISPM 15 and are therefore also approved for export to non-EU countries. We ensure the high quality of the Euro pallets in cooperation with the Gütegemeinschaft Paletten e.V. (EPAL) and through our own quality management system.


Sustainable load carriers

Our pallets are made from wood that only comes from sustainably managed forests in the region. We process the sawdust produced during the cutting process into pallet blocks and biofuels. We use the bark of the tree logs to generate renewable energy in our own biomass power plants. With the heat gained in this way, we dry the pallets to below 18% wood moisture on average.

Thanks to the high quality, the Euro pallet can be reused several times and repaired if necessary. Together with the service life of approximately 6 years and the favourable CO2 balance of – 27.5 kg. A negative balance value stands for a reduction in CO2 and thus for a positive environmental impact.

This makes the Euro pallet the most ecologically sensible choice compared to plastic pallets or other load carriers. 

Thanks to their high quality, many of our products can be reused several times.

Lifetimes of up to 6 years and a favourable CO2 balance speak for themselves.