A strong partner

Us in the region

As a company, we benefit from a strong Torgau – and at the same time consciously help shape the region. That is why we support cooperation and regional purchasing.

Strong together

Torgau's largest employer

With more than 800 employees, Mercer Torgau is the largest private employer in the region. Some of our employees grew up in or around Torgau, while others have only recently moved to the region. Our company offers prospects to people with a wide range of professions and qualifications: we are looking for excavator drivers and electricians as well as IT specialists, purchasing experts and sawmill operators.

No matter what position someone holds with us or how long they have been with us: our goal is to work with the people in our company for as long as possible. That is why we invest in further training and qualification measures as well as in occupational safety. We check and optimise the working conditions and discuss them in detail with our employees.

We do this in the knowledge that despite all the ultra-modern facilities and automated production, our success depends above all on the people who work with and for us in Torgau.

100% reliable

A strong partner

As a medium-sized company, we benefit from a strong Torgau – and at the same time consciously help to shape the region. We actively work with organisations and authorities from the region to best match the requirements of the region and of the company as closely as possible. We want to strengthen economic development in the region and buy as regionally as possible. Long-term contracts, flexibility, reliability and fair cooperation are the basis for our joint business relationship.

Through this purchasing strategy, we want to promote development in Torgau and the region so that the attractiveness of the location is also increased for other companies and for existing and potential employees is also increased.

Social commitment


Whether it’s a volunteer fire brigade, a daycare centre or a sports club: a vibrant society needs people who are committed. We support this commitment through donations in kind and money – for example, in the form of raised beds or seating for day-care centres, equipping the Torgau fire brigade, sponsoring the Torgau town beach or the partnership with the State Garden Show 2022.

This commitment has a long tradition with us. Every year, we support an average of more than 30 associations, organisations or projects – for example, kindergartens, schools or associations that have a social, safety-related or cultural focus.

As the largest regional company, we are a supporting member of the Torgau Volunteer Fire Brigade. We donate more than just the membership fees, providing equipment, for example, and invite the Torgau firefighters to practice drills on our premises. Hazardous situations are then simulated, and the response to the emergency is practised.

Almost all suggestions for donations come from our employees or their friends or family who in this way want to support their own association or an idea that is particularly worthy of support.