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Professional fields at Mercer Torgau

As one of the most modern and largest sawmills in Germany with over 800 employees, many different professional groups are represented at our company.
Our range of exciting professions in an innovative working environment is no less extensive. Find out more today!

Professional field:


Our technical equipment runs 24 hours a day. To avoid outages and downtimes, it must be maintained and repaired – using the appropriate spare parts and tools. For these tasks, we need new employees such as electricians, mechanics and mechatronics technicians

Professional field:

Production and technology

A good 50,000 pallets are produced daily in our factory – as are the blocks and nails for them. But we also produce high-quality sawn timber, milling and garden products or sustainable biofuels every daily. With great success: Mercer Torgau continues to grow, and to look for employees who would like to become involved at various stages in production – as support staff, plant operators, excavator or forklift drivers, technicians or managers.

Professional field:


More than 800 employees who need to be managed, the daily sales of pallets, sawn timber, garden products and biofuels, process optimisation our processes, finding and training new employees, developing occupational safety and much more: we also have administrative tasks to be performed, for which we are always seeking for qualified support in different areas. For example, in book-keeping, management accounting, or the human resources department.

Professional field:

Purchasing and Sales

Whether technical purchasing or the procurement of raw materials: in Purchasing, procurement processes are planned and implemented, offers analysed, contracts negotiated and much more. And selling our products is also anything but boring either. Because here, too, it’s about long-term contracts, advising our customers and working together as partners.

Professional field:

Logistics and Shipping

With over 200 company vehicles, around 600 truck movements on peak days and over 100,000 square metres of warehouse area, Mercer Torgau is a major logistics company. Forwarding, scheduling, the procurement and coordination of external service providers, and warehousing and intralogistics are closely interlinked here.

Professional field:


Digitalisation is also an important topic for the timber industry – and for us it already starts in the forest with the timber harvest. In the factory, a large part of the processes are automated. We are already well positioned with this. However, we want to become even better and are therefore constantly investing in the modernisation of our IT and in new IT projects.

Professional field:


We will be offering apprenticeships in various professional fields from summer/autumn 2022 and – assuming interest and suitability – would like to take young people on as permanent employees at the end of this initial vocational phase.