All-round worry-free package

Partner of the forest owner

From harvesting to collection, we take on all tasks for forest owners. And at the same time ensure fast, fair and transparent payment.


On an equal footing

We see ourselves as partners of forest owners – whether small or large!

Our goal is a long-term, trusting collaboration on an equal footing. We believe that this only works with fair and respectful cooperation. 

Are you interested in working with us and selling us timber?
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Our range of processing options is very broad.

We are able to accept on all of wood from a forest owner


Working with experts

HIT Holz employs forestry engineers in its log purchasing department, both in the office and in the field. They advise and assist forest owners in all matters concerning the forest – from timber harvesting to payment for the timber. It doesn’t matter whether we buy individual products on the forest road or purchase entire swathes of standing timber. The forest owner always benefits from our integrated production, in which we can process log wood of any type in almost any quality, in diameters ranging from 6 cm to 80 cm and in lengths from 2.40 to 4.00 m of any native wood species in almost any quality. Our range of processing options is very broad, which means we are able to take on all types of wood from a forest owner. This makes us an extremely attractive partner for the forest owner.

All-round service

One contact person

If desired, we can take over all process steps from timber harvesting to removal. Timber harvesting is carried out using our own forestry machines or in cooperation with local, certified forestry companies. Thanks to our own log wood logistics system and the trusting cooperation with regional logistics companies, we guarantee fast and reliable wood removal to our plant.

Forest owners benefit from this service several times over: they have a fixed contact person for all aspects of timber sales and can rely on professional and speedy processing.

Are you interested in selling your wood to HIT Holz? We look forward to your call on + 49 (0) 3421 7383198.

Short lengths of 2.4 metres are primarily used for pallet production

This maximises the yield of higher-quality timber in the cut for the forest owner


Financially attractive

Cooperation with HIT Holz is also very attractive for forest owners financially – and in several directly.

For pallet production, short lengths of 2.4 metres are primarily needed – a dimension that reduces the proportion of lower-quality industrial timber and maximises the yield of higher-quality timber in the cut. For the forest owner, this means a significant increase in value. The wood is purchased either in forest dimensions or according to the factory’s incoming dimensions. When it enters the factory, the timber is measured with calibrated and forestry-approved grading equipment. Forest measurement takes place on the forest road and is predominantly calculated in terms of volume. The advantage is that, once the wood is collected, the forest owner knows immediately how much money he will receive for it.