Milling products

Whether in open landscaping, as stabilisation along rivers and streams or as boundaries: our milled products can be used in many different ways.


Sustainable and flexible

For our milled products, we process weak wood and softwood from sustainably managed forests in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Brandenburg. Our own log yards and a daily updated production schedule ensure flexible reactions to customer requirements. The final products are sorted according to wood types and qualities. Thanks to 4-shift operation and our extensive product range warehouse, orders are picked quickly and delivered promptly. We are also happy to offer contract milling of squared timber.


Wide range of products

Our milling products are used in open landscaping, for tree planting in road construction, stream and river stabilisation as well as path and road boundaries and as safety installations on hiking trails. Here they are used, for example, as snow guards or slope protection. For these and many other applications, a wide range of products from our own production is available to our customers. This includes milled products from 0.5 to 5.0 m in length and a diameter of 5 to 16 cm. The range is complemented by a commercial programme up to 6 m in length and 25 cm in diameter.


High quality

All milled products are manufactured to high quality standards. For this purpose, we use two semi-automatic circular milling lines from Oswald, each operated by one machine operator and one assistant. To increase the durability of the products in the long term, they are impregnated using a vacuum pressure process as per DIN 68800-3. This is performed on site in a modern pressure vessel impregnation plant from the French manufacturer MSL We obtain the necessary impregnation agent from reliable and tested suppliers.


Available Europe-wide

Our milled products are in great demand thanks to their excellent processing and high quality. We meet this demand by selling the products through a direct dealer system in Europe. We will be happy to advise and inform you about which products are best suited to your requirements and where you can purchase them in your area. If required, we also manufacture products as per your specifications and our technical capabilities.