Rich opportunities

For a good future

We are also entering a new era with the 2022 training year: we are training for our own needs.

New prospects

Training and further education

Since the company was founded in 1999, we have continuously developed and have made Mercer Torgau one of the most modern woodworking companies. This sustainable development succeeds only with people who are open-minded, curious and committed.

We therefore support our employees in their personal development and further training so that they can gain all the necessary experience and skills on their individual path. To this end, we make use of internal and external training opportunities in addition to training courses. And because we too can always improve, we are continuously expanding this offer in consultation with our employees.



We are entering a new era with the 2022 training year: Mercer Torgau is becoming a training workplace! Those starting their professional career with us can be sure to be involved from the very beginning and to take on responsibility. Assuming suitability and interest, there is the possibility of a permanent employment contract at the end of the training.



Would you like to know whether a profession really suits you? Then why not apply for an internship – whether you are still at school, want to return to work or change jobs, or as part of a further education programme. We welcome applications stating the profession or field, the duration of the internship and the desired time period.

Here we have described everything about the application process, which students in the same way as a professional.