100% local

Us as a company

Being the market leader and the largest private employer in the region means above all one thing to us: responsibility that we want to live up to.

Comprehensive service

Our self-image

Mercer Torgau is the largest European manufacturer of Euro pallets, one of the largest sawmill sites in Germany and one of the most important producers of biofuels in Germany. These successes make us proud. Nevertheless, we are much more than a manufacturer of sustainable load carriers and other wood products. We are partners and service providers to our customers and business partners. For the sustainable success of all parties involved, we offer our forest suppliers an all-round service, agree long-term contracts and, if desired, take over all the steps from harvesting to delivery. Our approach to our customers is also based on a comprehensive service which includes all steps from competent advice to reliable and punctual delivery. Personal contacts and short decision-making channels support us in this.In doing so, in all products and process steps and in every aspects of cooperation, we pay attention to the issues of environmental protection and sustainability, because they are so important to us.

Our history

From an idea to market leader

Our company was founded in 1999 by Günther Hilmer and Karlheinz Lippmann under the name HIT Holz. Both shared a love for the forest and the courage to build something new.
As a sawmill, HIT Holz initially only produced sawn timber.
The idea of using 100 % of the tree trunk was already existed at that time. And, step by step, it became reality: in 2006, the pair set up a pallet production. Between 2010 and 2014 this was followed by investments in further sawmill lines, dryers and production facilities for blocks, briquettes, nails and pallets.
In 2016, HIT Holz took over the neighbouring pellet plant from
the German Pellets insolvency.

Until 2018, HIT Holz was managed by its founders Günther Hillmer and Karlheinz Lippmann and taken over as part of the succession strategy by ESSVP IV Funds, advised by Orlando Management. In 2020, the previous lenders Deutsche Bank and Orchard Global Asset Management joined HIT Holz as majority owners. In the three years since the takeover, fundamental courses have been charted: specific investments have been made in the company, its equipment, its structure and processes, establishing HIT Holz so it is fit for the future.

In 2022, the company was taken over by Mercer International. As part of a strong group, the company benefits from synergies in the areas of financing, sales, purchasing and logistics, among others. This will further strengthen the location in the short and long term. The future viability of the location and the associated job security will also be further stabilised by the investments planned by Mercer. 

At the end of 2022, the first step in the integration into the group was the change of name to Mercer Torgau.

By your side

Our mission statement

Mercer Torgau stands for diversity, expertise and sustainability.
We use the different experiences and perspectives of our employees to further develop products and services. At the same time, we invest in state-of-the-art technologies and play an active role in industry associations. We invest in state-of-the-art technologies and continuously optimise our production processes. We are involved in the industries and associations relevant to us and contribute our knowledge and capabilities to further develop standards and products for the benefit of all.
We see our role as the largest local private employer as an opportunity and a responsibility. We offer interesting and secure jobs, invest in the further training and safety of our employees and strengthen the Torgau location through regional purchasing and support for public projects,  daycare centres, schools and clubs.This is how we fulfill our role as a strong partner for our customers worldwide and fill the region with life every day.


Facts and figures

Founded in 1999, Mercer Torgau formerly HIT Holz is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of Euro pallets with a turnover of more than 800 employees. In Torgau, we process more than 1.1 million solid cubic metres of wood annually into pallets and other wood products (including sawn timber, pellets and briquettes). Our plant has an annual production and drying capacity of 18 million transport pallets.

On site, 20 tonnes of certified special nails are also produced every day for wooden pallets. Briquette production amounts to 80,000 a year, while 150,000 pellets are produced. In our three in-house combined heat and power plants, we produce 340,000 MWh of heat and 85,000 MWh of green electricity.

In recent years, we have invested more than EUR 220 million in a high-tech and fully integrated production process that covers all stages of the value chain – from the procurement of raw wood to
the production and delivery of pallets and other wood products.
All residual materials arising from the manufacturing process, such as wood bark, wood chips or sawdust, are further processed into marketable end or finished products.
The wood residues are also used to operate ower own biomass combined heat and power plants.