Fair & future-focused

Attractive employer

Crisis-proof jobs, subsidies and an attractive working environment.


Open-minded corporate culture

Every day, our employees deliver top performance of which they can be proud. They make us the European market leader for Euro pallets and one of the top manufacturers of biofuels. This achievement is possible in an environment characterised by trust and openness. The corporate culture is definied by quick decision-making processes, personal contact with superiors through to management, and the willingness to invest in the plant, occupational safety, and the qualification of our employees.Transparency is important to the management team. Every month, for example, it shares information and news with all employees via a company-owned employee newspaper. And there is also regular information about news at Mercer Torgau via social media. Clear rules laid down in our Code of Conduct provide all employees with orientation for fair and responsible cooperation.

Crisis-proof jobs

No short-time working at any point during the coronavirus crisis, but rather a continuous search for staff


We guarantee the regular and on-time payment of wages and salaries



We pay a "HIT bonus" as a variable share of the company's performance.


We offer in-house training courses and individual training plans, both internally and externally.


There are plenty of free parking spaces available. There is a bus connection with bus stop on the company's premises and this is in the process of being expanded.


We guarantee a 20% staff discount on selected ranges within the statutory exemption limits.


Diversity and inclusion

As a company, we are constantly evolving. In doing so, we benefit from the different experiences, lifestyles and perspectives of our staff. They bring new ideas and new momentum to the daily work routine, which we continuously improve together.
People of different ages, with or without severe disabilities, with different life plans and from different nations, with different religions and cultural experiences already work for us. They all characterise the open and fair cooperation at Mercer Torgau and thus contribute to our success.Everyone is welcome here and we give every committed career changer a chance.


For health

Occupational safety has top priority at Mercer Torgau. Because nothing is more important to us than the health of our employees.To achieve our goal of zero accidents at work, we involve our employees in all measures. Before we introduced the work clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE) for our division-specific areas of responsibility, we had our teams test them. We are also happy to assist with the procurement of individually required protective equipment.
We invest in lighting concepts and the marking of walkways on the factory premises and optimise processes according to concepts of occupational safety. In doing so, we are happy to take up our employees’ tips and suggestions. Because they know best where work situations can become risks. Regular training and instruction also make the entire workforce aware of possible hazardous situations.


conditions of Employment

Our jobs are crisis-proof. Because we also have our employees to thank for this, we give them a share in the company’s success with a monthly variable bonus as a performance reward. Of course, we provide work wear and PPE and pay night, Sunday, and holiday bonuses for shift work. For employees who come by car or bicycle, adequate free employee parking spaces are available. There is a bus stop on the grounds for those travelling by public transport, and the connection is being further developed. We work with working time accounts, offer training and further education and grant a 20% employee discount on selected ranges within the legal exemption limits.