What makes us special

From the board to the block to the nail, in Torgau we produce all the necessary components for our pallets ourselves, including the energy for drying.


From log to chip

Our unique model makes it possible: we use 100 % of the log – starting from the bark through to the very last chip. In this way, we handle the resource of wood responsibly and at the same time act as independently as possible from service providers and suppliers. This makes us a reliable and strong partner for our customers and suppliers as well as a secure employer. 


Us as a company

Since the foundation of the company, we have been thinking far beyond products. We see ourselves as partners to our clients, with whom we want to work on a long-term and sustainable basis. We regularly invest in our company and employees, are always a reliable partner to our business partners and offer our customers quality with the highest security of supply. At the same time, we are highly flexible and self-sufficient due to our production model and regional raw material procurement.


Us in the region

As the largest private employer in the region, we take our responsibility towards people and society seriously. We strengthen the Torgau region through, among other things, regional purchasing, social commitment and investments in our plant. Our economic strength makes us a secure employer. We work closely with regional organisations and authorities, and as partners we provide targeted support for small and large projects in the region.


Us on the market

Mercer Torgau is the largest European manufacturer of Euro pallets and sustainable load carriers, one of the largest sawmill sites in Germany and one of the most important producers of bio-fuels in the whole country. We assume responsibility in our sectors through active participation in associations, e.g. EPAL, DeSH, HPE, DEPV and other associations.