Manufacturing our products requires energy.
We extract this from the bark of the logs that are sorted at the plant, thus generating ecological heat and green electricity.


Sustainable fuel

We operate three biomass power plants at our site. These enable us to generate green electricity and heat for our production from sustainable and renewable biomass (NawaRo compliant).
Part of this biomass is the bark that accumulates when the logs are processed at the plant.The other part is purchased in the region from sustainable forestry as forest residues, for example forest wood chips from tree tops, logs and root wood (NawaRo compliant).
We thus ensure that the energy we produce is 100 % green.

We operate three biomass power plants at our site

This ensures that the energy and heat we produce is 100 % green


Green energy - 100 % CO2 neutral

The CO2-neutral energy is produced in our own biomass power plants on our factory premises. The electricity produced is theoretically sufficient to supply approx. 30,000 households with CO2-neutral, green electricity.

That is more energy than we consume in the entire plant for the operation of all production facilities and for the refinement of the wood into pallets, sawn  timber, pellets and briquettes.

We feed the electricity we generate into the public grid of the Torgau municipal utilities. In this way, we contribute to a green electricity supply in the region, produced directly on site by one of the largest companies in the region.