Sustainable raw material procurement

Environmental and climate protection begins with every purchase. That is why we obtain the raw material wood exclusively from sustainably managed forests.


From the timber harvest to the finished product

Mercer Torgau is committed to sustainability along the entire value chain. This applies above all to the procurement of raw materials. We are PEFC and FSC certified and only purchase wood from sustainably managed forests, the majority of which are also PEFC or FSC certified. By doing so, we are sending a clear signal in our wood purchasing.

The majority of our raw material comes from the local area.

Where longer routes are necessary, we also transport our wood by rail.


Wood from the region

Most of our raw material comes from the immediate vicinity, but we also accept wood from as far away as 200 km. We buy timber from all types of forest ownership: from smaller private forest owners to the state forests.

We use our own modern truck logistics and local logistics companies to transport the timber from the forest to the mill. Our goal is to minimise CO2 emissions by using state-of-the-art trucks. Where longer routes are necessary, we also transport our wood by rail. This is possible thanks to the nearby transhipment terminal in Torgau.


Ranges and cuts

Every forest is unique and every forest owner has his own objectives and requirements. We want to do justice to this and offer forest owners to collect their assorted timber on the forest road. Or we buy it literally while it is still standing, which means we do the timber harvesting for him. For logging, we primarily use our own highly mechanised and RAL-certified forestry technology or else we work in cooperation with reliable forestry companies operating in the region.

We are continuously investing in more efficient machines and vehicles,

thus minimising energy consumption and emissions.


Sustainable investments

A log purchased by us is fully processed at the factory. Depending on its characteristics, it is refined into high-quality products such as pallets, sawn  timber or wood products for the garden. The sawdust and wood chips produced during production are processed into pellets, briquettes, or pallet blocks. Green electricity is produced from the bark of the tree trunks in our own biomass power plants. We use the heat generated in this process to dry our products. The bio-electricity is fed into the public grid.We continuously invest in more efficient machines and vehicles to minimise energy consumption and emissions.