Environmentally friendly

Raw material procurement

Environmental protection starts with raw material procurement. Strict standards therefore apply to the selection of wood, harvesting and transport. These protect the environment, the climate and the forest itself.


Strict standards

We apply strict criteria when selecting and harvesting wood as a raw material. We accept wood only from sustainably managed forests in the region – regardless of whether it is a state forest or a private forest. What is more important to us is that the forests are reforested and that 100 % of the harvested wood is used. Because resource conservation, climate protection and environmental protection start with the harvest.

Thanks to the local proximity to the Torgau site, transport routes are short. We also rely as much as possible on our own fleet of state-of-the-art trucks and on local logistics companies to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible.



Partnering with forest owners

We can only succeed in preserving the forest – as a habitat, green lungs and raw material source – by working together. That is why we rely on consistent partnership with forest owners – large and small!

Forest engineers in the office and in the field advise forest owners on all questions from timber harvesting to timber sales. On request, we also offer an all-round worry-free package that covers every step from harvesting to payment. And, of course, we offer long-term, fair contracts and a very good value for money.cost/benefit ratio.

Sustainable energy

Heat and electricity from biomass

Harvesting only what is also used for production – this is also an important aspect when it comes to preserving the forest and creating sustainable value.

We fulfil this aspect by using accruing bark and forest residues such as forest wood chips from tree tops, logs and root wood to generate sustainable energy. We use this energy for drying pallets, for example.

We take the forest residual wood – as well as the logs – exclusively from sustainably managed forests. This is how we ensure that the electricity we produce is also 100 % sustainable.


Forest habitat

We all need wood and wood products – for the safe transport of goods and merchandise on pallets, for gardening and landscaping as well as for the pellet stove or fireplace at home that we want to fire with natural and environmentally friendly heating fuels.

At the same time, the forest has vital functions for all of us: it is a habitat for plants, animals and insects. It is a local recreation area and our green lungs. It is a CO2 reservoir and source of raw materials. It is important to preserve it – for the sake of environmental and climate protection as well as for our own future.