100 % sustainable

Wood from sustainably managed forests is an essential part of our sustainability concept. It is complemented by short distances and consistent, resource-conserving recycling.


Verified sustainability

We are PEFC and FSC certified and only purchase wood only from sustainably managed forests, most of which are also PEFC or FSC certified.
This means that every customer can be sure that all the products bought from us that are 100 % sustainable.
Our forestry equipment is RAL certified and can be used without restriction for timber harvesting and logging in certified forest areas.

Our forest must be preserved.

From the purchase of wood to the finished product, we emphasise on sustainable processes and resource conservation.


Short distances

The pribcipal aim of wood purchasing is to buy wood as close to the plant as possible. Nevertheless, it is sometimes necessary to buy wood from greater distances of up to 200 km.

For deliveries to the factory, we use state-of-the-art trucks with low CO2 emissions, and for longer distances we also load wood onto trains. This is possible thanks to the nearby transhipment terminal in Torgau. This is how we ensure that we keep the environmental impact as low as possible.

Conserving resources

100 % recycling

Our raw material wood is produced sustainably and ecologically in the forest. In our factory, we use this raw material down to the last chip – for pallets, CO2 neutral biofuels made from wood, sawn timber or garden products. The resulting bark, which cannot be refined into end products, is used to generate green electricity and heat.