Responsible employer

We grow with our employees, and thanks to them. We protect their health and give them a share in our success.


Long-term prospects

Can you imagine staying with one employer for 10, 15 or even 20 years? For many of our employees, this is a reality. And that’s something we are proud of. Because our company is shaped above all by the people who work here.

For us, the loyalty of our employees is a sign of recognition, but also an obligation. That is why we continuously invest in better working conditions and in occupational safety. We pay appropriate salaries and offer development opportunities. For example, we support our employees through training and further education, and provide you with regular information, e.g. through our in-house employee newspaper.

In this way, we wish to help ensure that employees stay with us in the long term and that we work together with them on the future of our company.


Safety in the factory

Occupational safety is one of the most important topics at Mercer Torgau. Especially in recent years, we have invested a lot in this area to create new standards and to protect the health of our employees even better.

This was preceded by a detailed analysis of all processes and risks in the factory. All areas were closely examined, potential hazards documented and appropriate measures defined. A tailor-made safety concept was developed that takes into account the special features of our company and our premises.

The result is a comprehensive training programme for employees, a high-quality and versatile range of personal protective equipment (PPE), state of the art technical guardian of equipment – of the facilities according to the state of the art – all organised by our own organisation that constantly reviews and optimises occupational safety and fire protection together with external experts.

Fire protection also has very high priority for us. A state-of-the-art sprinkler and fire alarm system reliably protects all areas of the plant from  fires which may occur. To prevent these from occurring in the first place, there is major invested in fire prevention, and in order and cleanliness.Many measures have already been implemented; others are still to come. They have one thing in common: they often deliberately go beyond the legally prescribed requirements. Because health is the most important asset we have 


Training and further education

Mercer Torgau has become the market leader in many areas. This is only possible only with people who are curious and open-minded – and who also want to develop themeselves further.

We support our teams in this by offering further training that enables our employees to create new impetus. If you want to change your career, we offer you the chance to gain additional qualifications – for example, as an excavator driver or a state-certified technician.

In this way, we create the basis to strengthen Mercer Torgau and its people for the challenges ahead and to improve all our prospects together.


Diversity and inclusion

People of different ages, with or without severe disabilities, with different life plans and from different nations, with different religions and cultural experiences already work at Merer Torgau. They all characterise the open and fair cooperation here and thus contribute to our success. As a woodworking company, one might expect that only men work for us. However, this is not the case! Around 15% of our employees are female and they already work in many areas. We would be happy if we could recruit even more women for our team.