Shaping the future together

Social responsibility

We take our responsibility towards our employees and their families, but also towards the people and companies in the region, very seriously.


Corporate Citizen

Responsible citizen – we bring this role to life in all areas of the company. We represent fair and cooperative partnership, are socially committed and consciously support associations and initiatives that work in and around Torgau for a future worth living.

We respect and consider the interests of our employees, business partners and other stakeholders in our decisions and actions. Through investments and social commitment, we also support the interests of future generations. Because only if we act with foresight now will we leave our children and grandchildren a world worth living in.


Partner of the Region

Mercer Torgau has achieved a leading position in many areas.

This success would not have been possible without our employees, business partners and customers. Perhaps it was even only possible in this region, in this city and its location.
As Torgau’s largest private employer, we want to support the region and the people here. To this end, we work closely with the communities and the authorities, are socially committed and promote the region through partnerships, for example with the Torgau Regional Garden Show. We deliberately buy regionally in order to secure jobs at our local suppliers.
We minimise the adverse effects and risks that our company poses to the region and the people living here. To this end, we invest in noise protection and work closely with the volunteer fire brigades. Because for us as a woodworking company, fire is one of the greatest risks of all.
With these and other measures, we are strengthening Torgau and contributing to structural development in the region.


Social, regional commitment

We support social clubs, schools and kindergartens in the form of monetary or material donations. The suggestions for donations usually come from our employees who want to use them to support associations and organisations in which they themselves are involved or which are attended by family members.

As a regional company, we are also a supporting member of the Torgau volunteer fire brigade. Because the protection of people and animals is important, we donate beyond the membership fees – for example to provide equipment. We invite the fire brigade to carry out drills on our premises so that an emergency can be practised under realistic conditions. Here, dangerous situations are simulated together with other fire brigades beyond the municipal limits in this way. We are particularly pleased to be able to support fire brigades beyond the city limits in this way. Because their commitment saves lives!