Cosy warmth


High-quality fuel in certified top quality, made from chemically untreated raw materials. For a healthy, cosy warmth.

High quality

Without additives

Chemically untreated raw materials from sustainable forestry are the material from which our high-quality pellets are made. The required sawdust and wood chips come from our own sawmills in Torgau and are produced during the processing of the logs into pallets, sawn timber and garden products. By refining the sawmill residues into high-quality biofuel, we use tree trunks in a 100 % ecologically and economically sensible way. All pellets are free of bark, waste wood, additives and binders. The heat for drying the wood chips comes exclusively from green electricity produced in our own biomass combined heat and power plants.

Efficient: our wood pellets have a calorific value of approximately five kilowatt hours per kilogram.

Two kilograms of pellets thus replace about one litre of heating oil or one cubic metre of gas.


Certified quality

Our high standards with regarding to the use of raw materials, processing and logistics have a directly impact on the quality of the pellets, which have already been certified by ENplus for several years. Our pellets comply with the highest quality class A1. The certification programme is based on the DIN EN ISO 17225-3 standard and sets clear requirements for production, quality assurance, labelling, logistics and storage of the fuels. Through this certification, we want to give the trade and consumers more security and orientation when choosing their pellets.

Product characteristics

Requirement as per ENplus A1

Our pellets


Requirement according to ENplus A1:

5 – 40 mm

Our pellets:

5 – 40 mm

Suitable for all pellet heating systems

Bulk density

Requirement according to ENplus A1:

600-750 kg/m3

Our pellets:

~ 700 kg/m3

High bulk density saves storage space


Requirement according to ENplus A1:

6 +/- 1 mm

Our pellets:

6.1 mm

Heating value

Requirement according to ENplus A1:

>= 4.6 kWh/kg

Our pellets:

~ 5.0 kWh/kg

High heating value greater than the standard specifications

Residual moisture

Requirement according to ENplus A1:

<10 %

Our pellets:

~ 6 %

Energy instead of water

Ash content

Requirement according to ENplus A1:

< 0.7 %

Our pellets:

~ 0.3 %

“Little ash for your coal”


Filling as required

The sustainable biofuel is offered both in bulk and in various filling quantities. They are delivered either in 15 or 10 kg bags on Euro pallets and also in other dimensions. Our 10 kg bags in particular are stacked on Euro pallets without any lateral overhang and can easily be accommodated in a high-bay warehouse. The packaging size in combination with high shelving compatibility makes our pellets particularly interesting for the food trade.

Thanks to our high storage capacities, we can also deliver larger quantities at short notice or make space available as a consignment warehouse.

Packing types


Special feature: Accurate invoicing after measurement by a calibrated truck scale

15 kg sacks

10 kg sacks

Special feature: Suitable for high-bay warehouses; no overhang; particularly suitable for the food trade

Our high production capacity of up to 150,000 tonnes per year allows us to accept even large orders and process them on schedule.

Thanks to our performance and flexibility, we are a reliable partner for both bulk buyers and the classic medium-sized specialist trade.