High-quality fuel from sustainably managed forests


Heat from sawdust

Our wood briquettes are made from 100 % sawmill residue (sawdust and wood chips), which are produced in our factory. Only wood from sustainable forestry is processed, from which pallets, sawn timber and garden products are manufactured. By refining the sawmill residue into high-quality biofuel, we use 100 % of the tree in an ecologically and economically sensible way. All of the wood briquettes we produce are free of bark, waste wood, additives, and binders.

Our high standards in terms of raw material use And processing have a direct impact on the quality of the briquettes.

This can be seen, for example, in the high heat value of approx. 4.8 kWh/kg.


Certified quality

We were one of the first suppliers to have our wood briquettes certified according to ENplus. Our briquettes comply with its highest quality class A1. The certification programme is based on the DIN EN ISO 17225-3 standard, but goes far beyond the standard specifications, and sets clear requirements for production, quality assurance, labelling, logistics and storage of the briquettes. With this certification, we want to give the trade and consumers additional security and orientation when choosing their briquettes.

Product characteristics

Requirement according to ENplus A1

Our briquettes


Anforderung nach ENplus A1:

Unsere Briketts:

~30 cm

Suitable for all fireplaces and furnaces


Anforderung nach ENplus A1:

Unsere Briketts:

~ 9 cm

Particle density

Anforderung nach ENplus A1:

>= 1.0 g/cm3

Unsere Briketts:

~ 1.1 g/cm3

Heating value

Anforderung nach ENplus A1:

>= 4.3 kWh/kg

Unsere Briketts:

>= 4.7 kWh/kg

High heating value above the standard specifications

Residual moisture

Anforderung nach ENplus A1:

<10 %

Unsere Briketts:

~ 9 %

Ash content

Anforderung nach ENplus A1:

< 0.7 %

Unsere Briketts:

~ 0.2 %

“Little ash for your coal”   



The sustainably produced briquettes are offered on pallets in different configurations and are available with and without a hole. The customer has the choice between his own insert or our company insert. They are stacked on either Euro pallets or one-way pallets without overhang and are suitable for high shelving, which is particularly attractive for customers with automated high-bay warehouses. It is also possible to use Düsseldorf and Heidelberg size pallets for our briquettes. This is particularly interesting for customers with limited sales space.

Thanks to our high storage capacities, we can also deliver larger quantities at short notice all year round or provide space as a consignment warehouse.

Packing types

10 kg packages

Special feature:

  • 96 packs: No overhang
    high shelf-compatible
  • 90 and 78 packs: without overhang; especially suitable for food trade

Special sizes

Special feature: customised configurations possible

Unsere hohe Produktionskapazität von bis zu 80.000 Tonnen pro Jahr mit entsprechenden ausgebauten Lagerkapazitäten erlaubt es uns, auch große Aufträge anzunehmen und planmäßig abzuarbeiten.

Thanks to our performance and flexibility, we are a reliable partner for both bulk buyers and the classic medium-sized specialist trade.